By Definition

By Definition / Self-Evident

question: Why does theorist Birnbaum posit that Infinite Quest for Potential is Eternal?

# By Definition, Potential/Possibility is eternal.

# It is Self-evident that Potential/Possibility is eternal.
Why? There is, indeed a universe; thus, there must have been the Potential for it to exist.
Birnbaum believes that his little By Definition/Self-evident ‘1-2 punch’ makes-the-case that Potential/Possibility is eternal; he may just be right, as the logic seems to hold – and has not been challenged.

On the fact or evidence front, all known data stretching back billions of years to the Big Bang is consonant with a Quest for Infinite Potential hypothesis.

question: Theorist Birnbaum accords extraordinary power to this one hypothesized dynamic  Quest for Potential after he makes-the-case (effectively) that it is the only dynamic which can be  hypothesized with near-certitude as being eternal;

but why did this dynamic need to exist in the first place?

Birnbaum would answer that, indeed, the dynamic need not have existed;
but if Q4P did not exist, there would, indeed, be no universe.

One can almost theorize as follows:
(1) If Q4P, then universe is possible;
(2) If no Q4P, then no universe. Why?  Q4P is the only dynamic which can both (a) legitimately be hypothesized as being eternal, and (b) have the power to get us to this point.  See



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