Appendix A: Metaphysics

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Do we grasp the CREATIVE ESSENCE of the presentation?


Does the proposed metaphysics gently ‘tip-toe around the garden’ –

or does it attempt to get to the very core of the cosmic code?


Does the proposed metaphysics primarily concern itself with playing with SEMANTICS and DEFINITIONS –

or does it actually provide an overarching INTEGRATED FORMULATION for the cosmic order?


A proposed metaphysics must be assessed, as well,
by these not inconsiderable – and, frankly, non-negotiable, demands, as well:

Does the proposed metaphysics truly embrace all known dynamics – in all fields?

Does the proposed metaphysics embrace our experiences and accumulated wisdom over the centuries?

Does the metaphysics embrace all that we scientifically believe to have occurred – and the overwhelming great bulk of what we hypothesize to have occurred – since the dawn of time?


Does the particular proposed metaphysics – about our most extraordinary universe and profound existence –

run flat and dry

– or does it, on some level,

actually, touch our soul?


end of Appendix A


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