BETA: Cosmic TOOL KIT- Shelf #1

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We propose and hypothesize the following Cosmic “Tool Kit”

(this “Tool Kit” is key and integral to our proposed metaphysics)

This “Tool Kit” might seem to be a ‘light’ section, but essentially provides the “SET of KEYS” necessary to open the vault containing the elusive ‘Cosmic Code’ …once you examine the Tool Kit, the Holy Grail of metaphysics is laid bare… discern the Tool Kit – and the construction of the Metaphysics of the Cosmos falls–readily into–place1,2

(sounds presumptuous enough)
(all “TOOLS” are direct sub-components of the over-arching Quest for Potential∞)

The Cosmic “Tool Kit”
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

••• TOOL:

Polarities and Dualities
as well as assorted complementary
Positives / Negatives,
and counter-point balancers
of the cosmic order
(Articulation of this concept – whose core is not original – commenced in God and Evil…. The ‘spin’ may be original, but there is, indeed, voluminous literature on the subject in many cultures and many languages stretching back thousands of years)

——————- NOTES by KHALIL ——————-

1“readily into place” A: In his preamble to Derech Hashem, Moshe Chaim Luzatto (1707-1746) writes that before any subject can be mastered it must be understood in a most general way first. General principles and overarching themes are to be understood before details are probed. Once the framework of a subject is made clear, the scholar will then be able to place each detail into its proper context automatically, and he will ”delight” in understanding new facts that add texture to the framework. This work— God & Good— is written, and ought to be studied, in this way.

2 “readily into place” B: The Cosmic Womb of Potential, and particularly the Tool Kit, will elucidate the general principles that are central to the paradigm presented here. The ”Master Craftsman” of the cosmos employs a cosmic tool kit. Extraordinary tools open–the–way for a potentially extraordinary construct. Examine the Tool Kit, and you will grasp the dimensions of the cosmic construct.



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