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Erev Rosh Hashonah

September 22, 2006

A note to our READERS:

The current ONLINE format preview allows for easy navigation between the two books, navigation of the 600+ footnotes of Book #1, and navigation between the numerous inter-related sub-sections of the 2-book SERIES.

Respectfully, we believe it to be the optimal presentation mode of the series.

NOTE: The complete 2-Book Series PRINT EDITION will be released in 2008. [ Meaning, the first book – God and Evil – will be republished as part of 2-Book Series. ]

Students and profs at the several dozen universities around-the-world who have used Book #1 as a course text, as well as all others interested in a print-out, should note that Book #2 is now readily download-able all-or-in-part.

God and Evil ( Book #1 ) has gone through FIVE PRINTINGS – and eighteen thousand copies – since its printing in 1988 by KTAV PUBLISHING – and we are honored to post it – complete – at this point-in-time.

Students worldwide prefer the price of books to be as close as possible to zero. Fighting this dynamic, distributors and wholesalers of God and Evil have managed to drive up its price, in some cases to well over 100% above its List Price. Our posting of the entire book on the Web at-this-point, and in download-able form, should “address” both of these issues – in short order.

Studies have consistently shown that posting works on the Web actually significantly increases total sales, so not-to-worry…..

The hardcover God and Evil is available on Amazon.com and via J Levine ( and via their website www.LevineJudaica.com link: J. Levine Classics ). Note, as well, that there is also apparently an active market in used copies of the book on the web.


– The Management


All notes and footnotes in Book #1 are crafted by BIRNBAUM.

All NOTES in Book #2 are by KHALIL.


THUNDERATION: An Integrated Jewish TimeLine – previously a section at the end of the manuscript – has been spun-off into a separate e-book, www.THUNDERATION.org ,
( totally downloadable for students of all ages, as per my m.o. ) – to appear in-print in 2009.


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