DELTA: Embryonic Design

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The odds of just the INTENSITY alone
(let alone the COMPOSITION)
being just right are in the realm of longer than
1 in 10 to the trillionth power… very very remote for hitting something perfectly by random chance
but the calibration for the attempt was set3
the cosmic fuse was lit
the billions of POTENTIALITIES were now all lined up… as if a billion gates were aligned perfectly… finally–finally… enfin

And at the very, very end of the matrix was the Infinite and, Perfect Divine Actualization.

Everything was set.

The ultimate “high drama”.

Untold billions of eons in the making.

Billions of variable potentialities now, indeed at this very particular point in cosmic time, in Optimal Cosmic Metaphysical Alignment…

The Divine clarion rang forth!

(Psalms / Tehillim 24:7)

Open Up Yea Cosmic Gates!

And escort through the Majesty of the Infinite!

[author’s spin]

“Ye–hi Or!”

“Let there be Light!”

(Genesis 1:3)

and the Big Bang was, indeed, Q4P “making–its–move”…

Thunderation! The Big Bang

And, 13.2 billion years later, the emergence onto Land

* Nous avons arrivé *

* We have arrived *


——————- NOTES by KHALIL ——————-

3 The calibration: The description of this ultra–precise calibration necessitates a timeless “Calibrator.”



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