DELTA: Embryonic Design

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The dynamic which MORPHED from “OUT–OF–TIME” into TIME,
from the ABSTRACT to the EQUATION mode6
from the EQUATION MODE to the METAPHYSICAL mode to the REALITY mode as we know it today7, 8, 9,

We (and we are all Q4P) are ONE, inter–connected Supra–Entity+

– an infinite entity transcending time, space and the cosmos

we are all essentially ONE

“We break beyond our own limitations
and connect in unity with God…”

– Rabbi Noah Weinberg
“Five Levels” 10/06/06

——————- NOTES by KHALIL ——————-

6 Equation mode: The equation mode is a world well known in science: a world of positives and negatives, good and bad, right and wrong. Our lives exist on this continuum and our decisions determine our position. Neutrality is elusive, and human action will generally influence the direction in which we move.

7 Modes A: The author uses these four modes as an explanatory vehicle. There have been a spectrum of ‘modes’ in the ‘run–up’ to today’s reality.

8 Modes B: Modes are not replaced by subsequent modes. All exist today. One mode will simply overlay the preceding one, as the universe is mode more textured and nuanced. The individual whose perception allows him to penetrate that which is immediately apparent on the surface, will discern inter–related universal constructs unifying all. The penetrating mind will thus find some level of universality behind the world’s complexity.

9 Modes C: Under Birnbaum’s schema, the divine achieves “full flower” at the infinite ’end’ of the process— as opposed to the ’beginning’ of the process. Again, Humanity is not separate from the Divine, but rather, it is intertwined with the Divine, in its work–in–progress capacity as ever–ascending embryonic Divine.



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