DELTA: Embryonic Design

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We are ONE timeless organic entity… as discomforting as that might seem and we are inexorable in our collaborative quest for INFINITE DIVINE:

infinite consciousness, infinite actualization, infinite beauty, infinite spirituality, infinite creativity and infinite emotional, sensual and other fulfillment… a relentless cosmic Conquistador

forever on–the–march

seeking — and indeed often fashioning — the next advance

manipulating and fashioning and crafting

genes, organisms and, indeed even equations

The Infinite Divine: this Infinite multi–faceted GOAL
is the Divine perfection we seek;

but simultaneously we all ARE embryonic Divine
and this Infinite Perfection Divine is a GOAL, a hypothetical end–point, to be approached,
but never actually reached…

Thus, while we are “embryonic Divine12” we will always inevitably still be embryonic Divine, just at a “later-stage embryonic”… for the Infinitely Perfect Divine is a GOAL… like Infinity… to be approached, but never quite, quite realized.

We are all, cumulatively, therefore, eternally “embryonic Divine”

…seeking inexorably to become more fully “Divine”

Holy Crusaders, for sure

enroute to Jerusalem

end / beginning

——————- NOTES by KHALIL ——————-

12 Embryonic Divine: The embryo is representative of the period, subsequent to conception, of rapid physical development. Humankind is in a comparable period of phenomenal growth in which we evolve tools— as the embryo would develop organs— that potentiate our ultimate ascent.


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