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All roads, in any event, will inevitably, in any event, lead to this ineffable Infinitude

“When all is said and done, what we each seek is to reach out of this finite world and connect with the Infinite. To become one with God.”

– Rabbi Noah Weinberg
“Five Levels” 10/6/06

The ramifications are abundant…We are all one4

We are all united

We are all very integral parts of this Cosmic Symphonic Projectory


The one is inextricably part of the Whole
The Whole is embryonic Divine


Thus, there is a sort-of triple-paradox at-play:

On the one hand we are AUTONOMOUS – and wish to be AUTONOMOUS.

On the second hand, we want to become ONE with the Divine.

On the third hand, we already are INTEGRAL to the Divine.


All three dynamics would seem to be operating in-tandem.

Three cardinal tenets of Advanced Metaphysics are in perpetual tension.

Segue’-ing from one modality to another

(and the Religious add yet a fourth – SUBLIMATING oneself to the divine)

energizes the very core of our being – and presses the forward wave of the cosmos, ever-forward still…..


Ascents in human consciousness are a key goal.
Ascents in human goodness and givingness, probably are, as well

——————- NOTES by KHALIL ——————-

4 “We are one”: Q4F (Quest for Fulfillment) is a force originating from the individual that is directed right back at the individual’s CORE— a force directed back towards its center (centripetal). Q4P as a quest also originating from the individual but pushing infinitely outwards, unleashing its energy into a cosmic collective that energizes time and space—making it more of an outward driving (or centrifugal) force.

Without Q4F constantly re–energizing the individual, Q4P might be unsustainable. And without Q4P there would be insufficient collective energy to ignite the cosmos and drive forward and onward, and thereby create the framework in which Q4F can thrive, as well.



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