The Metaphysical Gates
of the Forest

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The Author posits: Discern and delineate the “highest–common–denominator” in the cosmos – and that will lead you to the essence and core of Eternity and, consequently, of the infinite Divine; Conceptualize/discern an all-embracing unifying dynamic in the cosmos – and, directly flowing from that dynamic all major philosophical conundrums will melt before your eyes. Discern the dynamic – and the key missing pieces in all the major sciences – including physics, anthropology and biology, let alone theology/ philosophy/metaphysics – will inexorably fall–into–place, as well.

According to the Author, Quest for Potential∞ (to the infinite recursive power) is the Holy Qi that flows through Creation, through the smallest cell, through the oak tree, through Beethoven’s symphonies, through the athlete, the hunter and the shop keeper, through the sunflower and butterfly, through the Biblical texts and through the far reaches of the Milky Way and the cosmos beyond. It flows through the lovers’ twinkle, the baby’s smile, and the intricate nine extraordinary months of fetal development.

However, a concept of the order of potential power noted above, is not proffered forth every day. It is challenging to “get one’s arms around it”. And, as noted above, the philosophical writer Birnbaum has employed two complete inter-related masterworks – conceptualized and crafted over multiple decades – to achieve that ambitious and formidable end.

Yeshiva Dov Revel’s 1964 valedictorian has now completed his final homework assignment.

Summa Metaphysica will emerge as a pivotal landmark work in the history of ideas.

William Johnson
Waltham, Mass.
Fall, 2006

(With credit for the idea for the title of this piece to Elie Wiesel’s, The Gates of the Forest.)


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