IOTA: Reprise to The Cosmic
Womb of Potential

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“V’r’uach Adoshem mirachafeshet4 al p’nei ha–maim”
“And the Spirit of God Flows over the Face of the Waters”
—Genesis 1:2

“Flowing from the Essence of the Divine,
the infinite holy potential of the Divine demanded more expression. Among these elements were the potentials for creation of the universe, and within the latter, the potentials for man to quest for his spiritual potential, as well as others, including mercy, love, truth, justice, beauty and harmony…”

From the book God and Evil
PART TWO, Section 100.02


Life was necessary
Because only through life could the gamut of emotions find expression
And only through life could Quest for Potential∞ optimize its nascent potentialities

—– end of subsection —-

——————- NOTES by KHALIL ——————-

4 Mirachefet: This term implies unsettled motion. This manifestation of God was explicitly restless, as it were. Something was unbearable, something needed to happen.


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