LAMBDA: A fresh look at some of our concepts

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Western philosophy is essentially linear.
“A” created “B” and then “B” created “C”.
Plato: God took Primal Matter and created the Earth, etc.
Biblical literal: God created heaven and earth.
Then, God took a rib of Adam and created Eve.
Oriental philosophy is essentially circular,
Or Ying/Yang complementary within a circularity.

Our own Q4P philosophy is essentially spiral.
Mimicking somewhat the shape of galaxies… or, interestingly enough, the shape of DNA double–helix,
the blueprints for “life”.
It is a Reverse Vortex.
With Infinitude emerging from the Void.

Einstein astutely postulated an Atomic Bomb
encapsulated within an atom.

Split the atom — and unleash atomic power.
We postulate Infinity as encapsulated within the Void.

Split the Void — and… “voila”… create the cosmos…
and actualize Infinity,
(Some 1:1 correspondences are more intriguing
than others.)
Infinity… and within which, baby’s smiling, young girls giggling, lovers caressing, monks pietizing, poets
poetizing, astronauts astronautizing, etc.

Creation and Closures

At the Creation–point… 0 divides into negatives and positives… male and female… and a key part of the cosmic symphony is male and female trying to find their soulmates to reconnect and co–join and then procreate the next level of Creation…

…to advance the cosmic drama. The ultimate, sanctified union of unions might, hypothetically be two lovers uniting for the first time on their wedding night in rapture and bliss and love and explosive union to create offspring… combining so many powerful cosmic themes simultaneously… Return, Closure, Potential, Spirituality, Romance, Advance, Creation… a little grander than just the “honeymoon suite at the Grand Hotel” might suggest

Closure with a Quest for Potential∞ lift–off



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