MU: Cosmic TOOL KIT- Shelf #2 Extraordinariation

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••• TOOL:
(my term)

as it seeks OPTIMIZATION,
an iterative macro–holistic-optimization of
eco–systems towards
the ultimate goal
presumably incorporating vanguard species.
The cosmos both PUSHES and PULLS towards the goal of potentially advancing the WHOLE equation and cosmic thrust,
factoring–in ALL of its (Quest for Potential∞) goals
in the context of the current base–line.

For instance: the sudden introduction of a billion species of EAGLES might not qualify for macro–holistic–optimization,
as it would both throw-off the various natural balances and inter-dependencies, while crowding–out other species and, last, but not least, the dominance of eagles might not be the optimal ROUTE towards

The cosmos does this on an ITERATIVE basis –
meaning it is constantly re-assessing its optimal route.

It does this on a MACRO (cosmic) basis all the way down through the MICRO (sub-cellular level). It is difficult for me to fine-tune the lexicon on this.

••• TOOL:
(my term)

Evolutionary paths are not determined by ‘survival of the fittest’ (as per the conventional wisdom); Rather, Evolutionary paths are determined by Quest for Potential ‘cherry-picking’ among various path-options.
(survivability is just one component thereof.)

Quest for Potential/Extraordinariation directs evolution.

Please see Appendix E: Evolution from Perspective of Summa Metaphysica

••• TOOL:
(my term)

Once the cosmos commits to a particular template, it will tend to play-out very extensive permutations and extensions of the template1. What is truly happening in the picture, however, is that the particular template was perceived by the cosmos from the Get-Go as potentially an optimal/efficient/versatile building-block for Q4P-projection (my term). The template consequently will often be found in many applications and permutations2.

••• TOOL:
(my term)

Extraordinary potentials down-the-road are leveraged in metaphysical realms
into the ignition of REALITY and the Cosmic Order,
as we know it.

This is a key motif of this two-book treatise.
The theme is developed somewhat in Book #1.

There is a limit to how far I can take it because of its
all-enveloping power.
On some level, this one ‘tool’ defines the ‘revolution’ proposed by Summa Metaphysica3.

••• TOOL:
(my term)

The cumulative array – physical (organisms) and metaphysical (entities) – interacting and integrated
with permeating Quest for Potential,
and factoring-in the current landscape,
and most certainly in conjunction with the Mother Lode Life Force (Godhead?) cumulatively design the next level organism.

(deep breath after the above paragraph)

This is an ongoing iterative process. Daily.

At some point the Cumulative / Massed-Array achieves radar-lock on the DESIGN for other or higher-level organisms – which will optimize the potential and fullness/diversity of the cosmos.

* * *

With two “shelves” of cosmic tools – all with different levels of originality – we now have-at-our-disposal the necessary – and previously lacking – “TOOLS” for a powerful – and viable – Metaphysics.

Essentially, we must ‘think’ in totally different terms
than hitherto in contemplating the dynamics of the cosmic order.

We cannot ‘think’ linear Western’ or ‘circular Eastern’.

We must think in terms of, for want of a better term, “Spiral/Potential/Birnbaumian”
– complete with the two-shelf cosmic tool kit.

Only then, do the hitherto elusive key building blocks
of the cosmic code start falling-into-place.

——————- NOTES by KHALIL ——————-

1 Extraordinariation:
At very end of book, see Appendix C by Khalil on this theme.

2 Template Fidelity:
Template: This template is particularly conserved between species at the genetic level. Extensive similarity can be found in the genomic sequence of any two organisms, regardless of how different they seem.

3 Leveraged Buyout:
The Torah calls for that which God and Good describes as Leveraged Buyout on both the personal as well as the national level.
In the fourth chapter of Exodus a frightened Moses is commanded by God to approach the King of Egypt not as the refugee-shepherd that he now is, but as the formidable leader and revolutionary into which God would soon transform him. Later, the national disheartening of the Israelites subsequent to the negative report of their spies (Numbers 14:1) is criticized as a fatal error (ibid., 14:11,12). It seems from this episode that the Israelites’ mistake was to regard themselves as a vulnerable coalition of freed slaves, instead of a nation that would, in the future, conquer a land promised to them.
These two narratives are examples, among others throughout the Tanach, of the requirement to rely now on the success of the future. It is a powerful tool, based in an otherwise irrational faith, which allows one to overcome impossible odds in the here-and-now.


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