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Quest for Potential∞

is infinitely recursive;
an infinitely recursive, unique supra-dynamic:

Quest for Potential∞

within Quest for Potential∞

within Quest for Potential∞ (…….ad infinitum)

hence, the INFINITY symbol

Another way of looking at this schematically would be

Q4P ( Q4P ( Q4P …….

Yes, like those wooden Chinese/Russian

dolls-within-a-doll, within-a-doll, etc.,

usually, ~ 6 – 10 dolls

But in our case, it is a

dynamic-within-a-dynamic, within-a-dynamic, etc.

ad infinitum

(to the power of INFINITY)

– and ad infinitum means an awful lot of
‘coiled potential’


Q4P = Quest for Potential∞

Q4F = Quest for Fulfillment


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