ZETA: “Principa Metaphysica”

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ONLY infinite and unbounded POTENTIAL
as a goal, as a theoretical ‘end–point’,
could & would have the power to ignite a Cosmos

1800 Series

and what actualizes the putative Divine?

The DIVINE is–in–the–process of infinite SELF–EVOLVEMENT
ongoing for billions of eons
…traversing from metaphysical realms
to ever–fuller & richer
…as it courses towards
the “very–end–of–the–rainbow”


almost ‘by definition’


always existed


It is merely potential



By definition, It (potential possibility) is the ONLY dynamic which can possibly be eternal.


Potential/Possibility may have more facets and dimensions to it
– Divine or otherwise – than we were alerted to in contemporary culture,
but by definition only potential/possibility is eternal.

1900 Series

The DIVINE – as opposed to the Embryonic Divine –
is ultimately a goal—
to be approached in ever–greater–and–greater
fullness and richness and consciousness


end of Principa Metaphysica


[Don’t get hyper over the male-female orientations.
As in down-to-earth reality, both ‘components’ certainly
have all the elements of potential, including Quest for
Advancement and Quest for Fulfillment. It is a question
of the slightest degree of tilt in internal general orientation and priorities.]


Now, sof kol sof, (after all-is-said-and-done) as KOHELETH (l’havdil) might have said, once the core ‘dynamic- Quest for Potential∞ – is discerned/conceptualized – as it has been over the span of Book #1 – Book #2 – as

# being a Singularity

# being Infinite

# Questing after Its Own Potential

# being ‘at the core of the Divine’

# being infinitely ITERATIVE & RECURSIVE

# being eternal – initially at least in metaphysical realms

i.e. infinite potentiality ‘ down-the-road’ ignites Creation retroactively**

# being simultaneously ‘the embryonic Divine’ –
while simultaneously being ‘infinite’

# encompassing the eternal cumulative consciousness and LifeForce, as well


all the other propositions inevitably flow from this one AXIOM.

(deep breath)

[** this is the core thread of the core idea]



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