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spiritual potential,221 as well as others, including mercy, love, truth, justice, beauty, and harmony.222 The holy potential core of the Divine demanded more than just potential.223 For the potentialities of Divine creation are inherent in the eternal Divine origins and in the Divine Essence itself.224

At the eye of the primal cosmic storm, warping from out-of-time towards time, unzipping the cosmic void into positives and negatives, the infinite Divine blaze leapt forth. A creative supra-conscious dynamic, transcending time, space, and eternity. Focusing its holy metaphysical force. Genesis.225

and God divided the light from the darkness.
-Genesis 1:4

A holy dynamic flows forth through this day, tracing its origins to the inner core of the Divine. Beneath the eddies and swirls at the surface of the cosmic stream, beneath the deep and powerful major cosmic currents, from out of the epicenter of the holy, flows the deepest primal current—questing, beseeching, and indeed, screaming—for ultimate potentiality.226

——————- NOTES ——————-

221 See Hirsch, Chapters of the Fathers, on Avot 5:1. “Man is the final work of creation, the goal and summit of the whole, in whom all creation culminates.”

222 Note also the statement of the Sages. “For the sake of Israel, Moses, [and the precepts of] challah, tithing, and first fruits, was the world created.” See also Hirsch, Timeless Torah, p. 5.

223 The possible argument, alluded to by Maimonides, that every poten- tiality needs an agent to actualize it, is inapplicable to our context for at least three reasons differentiating our case: (1) infinite potential, (2) potential within potential ad infiniturn, and (3) holy potential.

224 Maimonides notes (Guide 2:26) in particular from Rabbi Eliexer: “Whence were the heavens created? He took part of the light of His garment, stretched it like a cloth . . .”

225 See “The Creation of Elohim,” in Matt, Zohar, pp. 49-50.
Note in particular the “radical” position of the Zohar at the conclusion of the chapter:

With the Beginning
the Concealed One who is not known
created the palace
the palace is called Elohim
the secret is:
“With Beginning _________________ created Elohim
(Genesis 1 :1)

226 See Greenberg, Perspectives: Voluntary Covenant, p. 2.

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