1060.00 UNIFIED FORMULATION: WRAP-UP (pps.163-165)

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The Unified Formulation fits well with the general trend of Jewish history, with the concept of the ascent of man, and with the intellectually vigorous thrust of Jewish history. It fits well with our concepts of freedom and privacy, while not limiting the potential total omniscience of the Primal Force. It reconciles manifest intervention in Pharaoh’s Egypt and apparent nonintervention in Hitler’s Europe. It validates the authentic views of those who went to their deaths at the hands of the Nazis fully believing in the God of Israel, and those who went to their deaths finally and completely rejecting the classic watching God of Israel. For in a sense both were correct.

God, indeed, is not sitting outside the crematorium watching while infants are being burned alive. Because it is an abomination to the essence of El Moleh Rachamim. It must presumed that God is in a state of contracted real-time consciousness for the higher purpose, elected by man, of allowing the totality of infants and men to grow up in a state of bona fide personal


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