200.00 THE UNDERLYING DYNAMIC (pps.78-82)

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Holy quest for potential is the underlying core dynamic of the cosmic order.

Holy quest for potential-our parallel to the kabbalistic En Sof-is the “primal scream” of the cosmos. Holy Potential, emanating through and from the Divine essence, radiates through the universe-questing, pulsating, exploding, reaching, energizing, expanding, in time and out-of-time.272

It is at the core of the holyhatural drive of the cosmos. It is the primal engine of cosmic existence.273

——————- NOTES ——————-

272 See also Leibniz, who posits that the universe as a whole must display a “perpetual and very free progress . . . such that it advances always to still greater improvement.” Translated in Wiener, Leibniz: Selections, p. 354, as cited in Passmore, The Perfectibility of Man, p. 215

273 See Book of Bahir, excerpt from sees. 64-67, as cited in Scholem, Origins of the Kabbalah, p. 77. “The potency of one is [also] in the other. . . . all thirty-six potencies are already found in the first . . . and the potency of each one is found in the other.” Cf. ibid., Origins of the Kabbalah, p. 462, citation from Megillath ha-Megalleh.

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