100.06 Linkage: Linkage of God’s potential to Man’s Potential (pps.73-74)

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100.06 Linkage: Linkage of God’s Potential to Man’s Potential

I, even I, am He
that blots out your transgressions
for My own sake.
-Isaiah 43:25

And by Israel [the Lord] will be glorified/beautified.
-Isaiah 44:23

I will place salvation in Zion,
For Israel, my glorifier/beautifier.
-Isaiah 46:13

I was wroth with My people,
I profaned Mine inheritance [Israel].
-Isaiah 47:6

An already infinite God inexorably seeks His own potentialities, as difficult as this concept may be for the finite to comprehend. To any “infinity” one can add. This does not detract from the infinitude aspect of the original infinity. Divine perfection is Divinely enhanceable. This does not detract from the original perfection.

It is for this reason that the potential of the Deity is linked


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