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Over the millennia, man has often suffered most terribly. The price of freedom has indeed been a high one. Much of the suffering has been way beyond the ken of those who did not experience it.

When tragedy strikes, the aggrieved individual must first be comforted. Any attempt to explain away tragedy is fraught with peril, particularly on a person-to-victim level. To the family which has buried a youngster killed by a hit-and-run driver, there is little solace to be found in any quarter. While the family is in intense mourning, bystanders can only extend their hand in empathy and compassion.

However there are, as well, circumstances when a philosophical response is appropriate, if not mandated. The aggrieved, or the witness, may then find some small measure of consolation in the concept that reality need not negate his religious optimism, nor negate his belief in core doctrine. The Divine attributes of omnipotence, omniscience, and benevolence are intellectually defensible.

The witness to this tragedy, and ultimately the family itself, trying to reconcile the God of Israel with the severe tragedy of the youngster killed in the hit-and-run, may possibly find some measure of solace in the themes presented by this study. If there were no potential for tragedy, there would be no potential for triumph or growth. The two come wrapped inextricably together.


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