90.02 Fault-Line: Gap in Western Philosophical and Scientific Formulations (pps.57-58)

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90.02 Fault-Line: Gap in Western Philosophical and Scientific Formulations

One may argue that the development of complex philosophical structures predicated on this unfathomable premise is severely flawed by its failure to explicatein even the broadest of strokes-the existence, or emanation, of a “Somethingness” out of “nothingness,” or the wherefore of “eternalness.” Whether this entity is finite or infinite, existing in-time or outof-time, holy or Holy, where is the bridge from “nothingness” to “Somethingness”? In particular, how does one begin to explain, in even the broadest of strokes, the existence of an infinite Somethingness?

This severe philosophical “fault-line” runs from Plato through Philo through Spinoza. The gap is not bridged. The situation is somewhat analogous to erecting a magnificent skyscraper with no idea of the parameters of the foundationtheoretically possible, but somewhat inelegant and risky.

Those who postulate a creation at the hands of an inexplicably eternal God merely shift the origin question to another plane. Whereas before the origins of the universe were unfathomable, now the origins of the Creator of the universe, the Divine, are unfathomable.198 This situation, in turn, is somewhat analogous to that faced by those who “solve” the problem of the origin of evil by postulating Satan as the source of evil. But wherefore Satan?

It is interesting to note that the problem faced by science regarding the initial origins of the universe, and the problem faced by religion regarding the initial origins of the universe, are strikingly parallel.

The “Big Bang” theory postulates the origin of the universe in a tiny point of incredible mass. However, science does not go beyond this point. It does not address what existed before the “Big Bang.” Current research in physics leads scientists into searches for smaller and smaller subatomic particles. Refiners of the Big Bang theory postulate that at one point the total matter and energy in the universe fit into one very small point,

——————- NOTES ——————-

198 See Davies, God and the New Physics, p. 47.

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