400.12 Evil and the Jews (p.93)

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400.12 Evil and the Jews

In Jewish thought Amalek symbolizes absolute evil, and the Jewish people are commanded to (1) remember the evil of Amalek, and (2)wipe out all traces of Amalek.

If evil is the polar antithesis of good, and the polarity of good, one may reason that evil is attracted to good just as magnetic opposites are attracted. And if, as we maintain, the Jew is God’s witness and the primal carrier of God’s law, we may argue that evil is attracted to the Jew, the primal crucible of the Divine good.351

The historic vicissitudes of the Jews, in the context of our system, thus become an unsought “Purple Cross” for a people of the light. Evil inexorably shadows the Jew?352

One may argue that when evil does emerge, the Jew, the primal keeper of the holy will, is a natural target, again implicitly and by definition. At that point, when the Jew is weak on any front, he is a vulnerable target.

——————- NOTES ——————-

351 See Mamlak, “Gershon Mamlak Responds,” Midstream, November 1984, p. 32. “The history of Israel is one uninterrupted outcry against all forms of evil-doing.”

352 See Greenberg, “Cloud of Smoke, Pillar of Fire,” p. 36. “Karl Earth, ROY Eckardt, and Eliezer Berkovits have suggested that Israel suffers for the nations’ anger at God. Because Israel is God’s people, ‘other nations are constantly enraged by its existence, revolting against it, and wishing its destruction.’ Or, as Eckardt puts it: ‘In the existence of the Jewish people, we are confronted by God’s electing grace, by His mercy as the only basis of human life. By our antagonism to Jews we show that we really do not like this fact.’ …. By its existence. Israel testifies to the God who promises the ultimate redemption and perfection in an unredeemed world. Thus it arouses the anger of all who claim already to have found absolute perfection. Whenever there are Christian claims to absolute spiritual salvation, or Stalinist or Nazi claims to absolute social and political perfection, or capitalist or superpatriot claims to ultimate national loyalty, then Jews naturally become the object of suspicion and rejection.”

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