600.02 Definition of Man’s Freedom (pps.106-107)

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Judge Irving Younger builds upon the thoughts of John Stuart Mill in defining freedom:

Exclusive only of such conduct which infringes (in a non-remote manner) on the legitimate interests of other members of society. man is sovereign over his own body and soul.416

Judaism carefully delineates the basic proscriptions on man’s innate freedom in the form of the sheva mitzvoth b’nei Noach (the Seven Commandments of Man, also known as the Noachide Laws).

1. The establishment of courts of justice.
2. The prohibition of blasphemy.
3. The prohibition of idolatry.
4. The prohibition of incest.
5. The prohibition of bloodshed.
6. The prohibition of robbery.
7. The prohibition of eating flesh cut from a living animal.

——————- NOTES ——————-

416 Irving Younger, “What Good Is Freedom of Speech?” Commentary, January 1985, p. 49.


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