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Man, (infinite) God, and the universe are all questing for their potentialities.403

. . . the Jewish religion may truly be considered as the ideal of religion, the religion of the future, the “I shall be what I shall be.”

It is logical that every spark of life has a soul, that it yearns to ascend, and that it ascends by divine grace, which is active at all times. . . . A chaotic world stands before us as long as we have not attained to that degree of higher perfection of uniting all life-forces and all their diverse tendencies.

. . . the world is best conceived of as . . . a living organism with boundless potentialities for growth.

Quest for potential courses from the Divine to man and through the cosmic order.407 All strive towards ultimate perfection. All sail parallel cosmic oceans.

Man is the keystone of the cosmic quest for perfection. However, man is not alone in his quest. For the entire cosmic order is interlocked with man’s potentialities.

——————- NOTES ——————-

403 See G. F. Moore, Judaism vol. 1, p. 384. “The maintenance of the world is a kind of continuous creation: God in his goodness makes new every day continually the work of creation.”
Note that the concept has some convergence with Hartshorne’s “process theology.”

404 Bokser, Abraham Isaac Kook, p. 267 (scriptural citation is Exodus 3: 14).

405 Ibid., p. 230.

406 Gordis, A Faith for Moderns, p. 208.

407 See Steinsaltz, The Thirteen Petalled Rose, p. 39. “All these Sefirot are infinite in their potency, even though they are finite in their essence.”

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