900.11b Conceptualization (pps.118-119)

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What is here-and-now consciousness? What is contraction of here-and-now consciousness?

We use the term here-and-now synonymously with the term real-time. Real-time consciousness is knowledge of events in the here-and-now. Contraction of real-time consciousness would be the removal of one’s knowledge of events in the here-and-now to a knowledge of events out-of-real-time.

Can man at all conceptualize these concepts, or are they total abstractions? Man has indeed been given some inkling into the concepts of real-time and non-real-time knowledge, although one should not hasten to equate man’s range of knowledge with the Deity’s. Rather, one can attempt to draw some rough parallels in order to grasp the basic concepts.

The specific concept of real-time consciousness as juxtaposed to non-real-time consciousness has attained a concreteness in modern times. As a result of twentieth-century physics and an increased understanding of the speed of light’s impact on


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