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300.21 Components of:

The two dynamics are:308

“Tree of Life/Bliss”
“Tree of Knowledge/Potential”
1. A “gilded cage” existence A life of challenge, freedom, privacy, and responsibility
2. Intellectual satedness Pursuit of knowledge
3. Limited growth potential Infinite growth potential
4. Dependence Independence
5. Eternal life Mortality
6.”Leashed” “natural evil” “Unleashed” “natural evil”
7. Bliss Pain and joy
8. Limited potential for “moral good,” “moral evil” Higher potential for “moral good,” “moral evil”
9. Lesser dignity Higher dignity

——————- NOTES ——————-

308 See Leibowitz, Studies in Bereshit p. 17. “. . . it is the allegorical, hidden meaning of the garden of Eden and tree of knowledge that we must seek.”

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