900.20 INCREASE IN EVIL (p.141)

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As the contraction of real-time Divine consciousness continues, (as mankind ascends in knowledge and freedom) there is a commensurate lower incidence and level of direct particular Providence-for the sake of the general Providence of allowing mankind to reach its full potentialities.

As mankind in general ascends in knowledge, more and more heinous evil goes unchallenged, as there is an ongoing contraction of here-and-now Divine consciousness, a Hiding of the Divine Face. 552 The consequence is a greater level of evil-as the evil is real-time and the Divine consciousness is increasingly not.553

——————- NOTES ——————-

552 See Merton, The New Man, p. 13. Cf. Teilhard de Chardin, The Future of Man, p. 12. “Even the striving after progress contributes to the sum of evil.”

553 See Luban, “The Kaddish,” p. 208.

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