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freedom, so that they may grasp for the totality of their potentialities. The price, however, is often high, too high.

Man of reason, man of Halachah, and homo religiosus can all relate to our formulation, albeit on different levels. Our formulation introduces an element of structure into a mysterious world and almost incomprehensible existence. It offers hope for the further ascent of man and his ultimate realization of potential. Thus the theme of potential can be carried through all stages of historical/religious development, both on a cosmic, theistic, and human level.

The Unified Formulation is offered as a hypothesis to be challenged, dissected, and debated within a spirit of positiveness towards all thinkers of good will, past and future. Like all hypotheses, it should be challenged in a spirit of intellectual and bona-fide religious vigor. Religious pseudo-dogma does not yield one iota without a battle. However, when the day is done, the Unified Formulation’s integrated cohesiveness and doctrinal validity will be sustained. For man seeking a religious approach to life, it will, hopefully, be found to be a logically compelling, consistent, and unified theological underpinning, sufficiently finessed to reconcile the major problems in classic secular philosophy.

Can Judaism survive with a God of contracted real-time consciousness? Is our religious fervor not undercut? Can Judaism survive without the authoritarian God standing in the room with us holding God’s sledgehammer, watching our deeds and thoughts in all times in all states? Can Judaism survive if prayer is less efficacious than the literal meaning of the words might indicate?

On the other hand, can Judaism truly be comfortable with the formulation of an infinitely manifested omnipotent, omnimerciful, omnipresent God who observed, albeit in His mysterious ways, the debasement, enslavement, and murder of a third of His people? What ultimate purpose did a God watching in real-time calculate as the gas pellets were dropping,


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