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Israel does not truly survive the Holocaust intact. Certainly, traditional concepts of reward and punishment were once again brutalized along with the innocent victims.

Yet if we postulate a God of Israel wholly directed towards opening the gates to man’s infinite potential by granting him ascending levels of freedom as he ascends intellectually, and if we grant a God of Israel contracting His real-time consciousness to grant man this crucial freedom, then our outlook is clearer. A Deity exercising contraction of real-time consciousness for the greater good, man’s freedom and potential, clearly-not inscrutably-commits no crimes of breach of covenant or complicity of silence. He is guilty only of the crime of increasing man’s freedom-an option exercised by man at Eden.

The Nazi force, which subverted science for its nefarious ends, was a perversion of the dynamics of the Tree of Knowledge and of creation itself. It was anti-individualistic, antifreedom, anti-privacy, anti-dignity. It claimed the right to enslave and terminate innocent life at will. It was a challenge to God Itself.

Ultimately this “thousand year Reich of Aryan supermen” would be ended by a secular nation-state whose coin of the realm bears the mottos “Liberty” and “In God We Trust.” And a thousand years after the dismemberment of the Third Reich, a later generation of Jewish five-year-olds will undoubtedly be taking out their notebooks and learning the aleph-bet.600

The religion of Israel currently ranges over a spectrum of religious emphasis. In the outside world the Jew is challenged on all fronts. It would seem that man is quite on his own in a confusing world. Yet being on our own should not be demoralizing, but potentializing. More so than ever, the very great potential of the Jew occupies a crucial place in the future of mankind, as mankind itself occupies a crucial role in the future of the cosmic process. Post-Holocaust man is thus a victim of freedom, an inheritor of freedom, and challenged by freedom. Man must stare his freedom in the face and seize his awesome potential from out of it.

——————- NOTES ——————-

600 “Mir velen zey iberleben, iberleben. avinu shebashamayim, / Mir velen zey iberleben, iberleben, iberleben” (“We shall outlive them (the Nazis), our Heavenly Father, / We shall outlive them, outlive them, outlive them”). “The Dance of Suffering,” cited in Prager, Sparks of Glory, p. 12.


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