70.03 “Protest Literature” (pps.48-50)

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Awake, why sleepest Thou, O Lord?
Arouse Thyself, cast not off forever.
Wherefore hidest Thou Thy face,
And forgettest our affliction and our oppression?
For our soul is bowed down to the dust;
Our belly cleaveth unto the earth.
Arise for our help.
And redeem us for Thy mercy’s sake.
—Psalms 44:24-27

How long, O Lord, shall I cry,
And Thou wilt not hear?
I cry out unto Thee of violence,
And Thou wilt not save.
Why doth Thou show me iniquity,
And beholdest mischief?
And why are spoiling and violence before me?
So that there is strife, and contention ariseth.
—Habakkuk 1:2-3

Thou that art of eyes too pure to behold evil,
And that canst not look onto mischief,
Wherefore lookest Thou, when they deal treacherously,
And boldest Thy peace, when the wicked swalloweth up
The man that is more righteous than he?
—Habakkuk 1:13

As God liveth, who hath taken away my right;
And the Almighty, who hath dealt bitterly with me;
All the while my breath is in me,
And the spirit of God is in my nostrils,
Surely my lips shall not speak unrighteousness,
Neither shall my tongue utter deceit;
Far be it from me that I should justify you.
—Job 27:2-6

God, where art Thou? Where is the God of justice?
—Malachi 2: 17

In theological development, what appears to be a non-rational Divine morality is oft blamed on man’s finite capability


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