900.11d Uniqueness of Divine Knowledge (pps.121-122)

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Yet religious tradition clearly teaches that the Deity has interacted with man in the here-and-now, e.g., at Sinai. Thus a Deity which exists ou t-of-time also, at least sometimes, interfaces with man in-time.

Thus it is not a quantum leap to proceed from that point and posit that there are also different levels of Divine consciousness. These might range from here-and-now consciousness through various levels of out-of-time consciousness.495

——————- NOTES ——————-

495 Many Jewish thinkers approach the concept of God’s omniscience against the backdrop of the concepts of din va-mishpat (judgment and justice) and sachar va-onesh (reward and punishment). Both concepts are firmly grounded; consequently one might conclude that din va-mishpat and sachar va-onesh require a real-time omniscience. This reasoning is flawed. In order for the Deity to judge my action of May 1 it is not necessary for the Deity to be consciously watching me in real-time May 1.

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