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have him watched, irrespective of my resources. If I have confidence in him, he may rise to my confidence. If I do not have confidence, he will be less likely to attain his potential level of responsibility.

Conversely, as a young man is not truly free and cannot truly reach his potential while under his father’s roof, so too, in parallel, Israel cannot reach its full potential while under the full conscious gaze of the Divine. Thus we posit that civilization. like a child, has various levels of development, and appropriate relationships with the Divine at each level.498

As a father disciplines his child, so God disciplines you.
-Deuteronomy 8:5

This is fact that humanity as a whole can exist in four basic states. In this respect, the history of man is very much like the life of an individual. Like a single person, the entire human race is born and reaches maturity.

As far as man is concerned, the state of God at Sinai and the state of God during the Holocaust are but two discrete possibilities of multiple, if not infinite, possibilities of Divine states.

——————- NOTES ——————-

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