900.12a Hester Panim (pps.124-126)

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And I will hide within hiddenness My face in that day.
-Deuteronomy 31:18

And when ye spread forth your hands,
I will hide Mine eyes from you;
Yea, when ye make many prayers,
I will not hear.
-Isaiah 1:12

And I will wait for the Lord, that hideth His face from the house of Jacob, and I will look for Him.
-Isaiah 8:15

Verily Thou art a God that hidest Thyself.
-Isaiah 45:14
In a little wrath I hid My face from thee for a moment.
-Isaiah 45:15

I hid Me and was wroth.
-Isaiah 57:15

And your sins have hid His face from you.
-Isaiah 59:1

For Thou hast hid Thy face from us.
-Isaiah 64:10

When He hides His face, who can behold Him?
-Job 34:29

Oh that I knew where I might find Him!
-Job 23:3502

Where is there an allusion to Esther in the Torah?
“And I will hide My face” [Deuteronomy 31:181.
-Chullin 139b

——————- NOTES ——————-

502 See Glatzer, The Dimensions of Job, p. 62. “Job believes now, as later Deutero-Isaiah (Isa. 45: 15) did under the influence of Isaiah (8:17),in ‘a God that hides Himself.’ This hiding, the eclipse of the divine light, is the source of his abysmal despair. . . . Deutero-Isaiah expressed (40:27) the despairing complaint of the faithful remnant which thinks that because God hides Himself, Israel’s ‘way’ also ‘is hid’ from Him, and He pays no more attention to it.


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