900.12b Divine Self-Limitation (pps.126-127)

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God’s involvement with the realm of finite reality is imaginable only as an act of divine “self-limitation.” . . . He “reduces” Himself so that He may enter into the narrow straits of a relationship with finite existence.

——————- NOTES ——————-

503 Berkovits. God, Man and History, p. 64.
Cf. Berkovits, Faith after the Holocaust, p. 65. “The El Mistater, in his very hiding, is Savior. . . . what we make of his absence will ultimately determine the quality of our Judaism for generations to come.”
Cf. ibid., p. 172. “Cox does argue that ‘the Biblical God’s hiddenness stands at the very center of the doctrine of God’—Cox p. 258.”
Cf. Berkovils, Major Themes in Modern Philosophies of Judaism, p. 2 18. ” . . talmudic and midrashic tradition does speak of the Galut ha’Sfiekkinah (cf. T.B. Tractate Megillah. 29a), the exile of the Shekkinah.”

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