900.12f Clarification of Biblical Hester (pps.132-134)

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“Eclipse of the light of heaven, eclipse of God-such indeed is the character of the historic hour through which the world is passing. But it is not a process which can be adequately accounted for by instancing the changes that have taken place in man’s spirit. An eclipse of the sun is something that occurs between the sun and our eyes. not in the sun itself. Nor does philosophy consider us blind to God. Philosophy holds that we lack to-day only the spiritual orientation which can make possible a reappearance “of God and the gods,” a new procession of sublime images.522

——————- NOTES ——————-

522 See Buber, Eclipse of God, p. 23.
Cf. ibid., p. 127. “What is it that we mean when we speak of an eclipse of God which is even now taking place? Through this metaphor we make the tremendous assumption that we can glance up to God with our ‘mind’s eye,’ or rather being’s eye, as with our bodily eye to the sun, and that something can step between our existence and His as between the earth and the sun. That this glance of the being exists, wholly unillusory, yielding no images yet first making possible all images, no other court in the world attests than that of faith. It is not to be proved; it is only to be experienced; man has experienced it. And that other, that which steps in between, one also experiences, today. I have spoken of it since I have recognized it, and as exactly as my perception allowed me.”
Cf. ibid., p. 129. “The eclipse of the light of God is no extinction; even tomorrow that which has stepped in between may give way.”
Cf. Buber, “A God Who Hides His Face,” in Glatzer, The Dimensions of Job, p. 63. “The just creator gives to all His creatures His boundary, so that each may become fully itself.”

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