900.14c Dichotomy (pps.140-141)

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for increased freedom has grown, there has been a contraction of here-and-now Divine omniscience. The path is cleared for man to achieve fuller growth. The Deity, who is omnipotent and just, assumes an increased state of contracted omniscience and omnipresence, to allow man to quest for his own limitless possibilities.

Thus the crucial dichotomy: On the one hand, holy quest for potential is the underlying motif of the cosmos. It flows through every fiber of life to the ends of the universe. On the other hand, the Divine consciousness is increasingly contracted out of the here-and-now.

He [the Divine] is everywhere but at the same time above and outside everything. When man who has just beheld God’s presence turns around to address himself to the Maker of creation in the intimate “Thou,” he finds the Master and Creator gone, nenveloped in the cloud of mystery, winking to him from the awesome “beyond.”

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551 Soloveitchik, “The Lonely Man of Faith,” p. 31.

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