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through modern technology by technocratic superstars. For an age which manifests an exponential increase in knowledge also manifests a Divine Hester.

As man ascends intellectually in the days ahead, with all the wondrous positive potential inherent in this ascent, further challenges loom to the spirit of man.

The Holocaust was an advance warning of the demonic potential in modern culture. . . . the strain of evil is deeply embedded in the best potentials of modernity.

The realities of the Holocaust answer for that period, at least, the question of classic individual Providence . To insist on classic individual Providence for the Jewish children of Europe is simply to imply a God-turned-satanic controlling the cosmos. 574

——————- NOTES ——————-

573 Greenberg, “Cloud of Smoke, Pillar of Fire,” p. 37.
Cf. ibid., p. 38. “The Holocaust warns us that our current values breed their own nemesis of evil when unchecked—even as Nazi Germany grew in the matrix of modernity.”
Cf. ibid., p. 15 (recounting the Holocaust). “In Zlutomir, Minsk, Firiatin, Mariampole, Nemirov, Stalinodorf, and Kiev among others, children were thrown alive into the killing pits or beaten over the head and dumped into the pits—to save bullets. In Berditchev the ground was turned into muck by the blood of the victims, and some wounded drowned in it. In Firiatin and Berditchev the ground settled and turned from the cries and writhings of those still alive and superficially buried. No assessment of modern culture can ignore the fact that science and technology—the accepted flower and glory of modernity—now climaxed in the factories of death. . . . There is the shock of recognition that the humanistic revolt . . . is now revealed—at the very heart of the enterprise-to sustain a capacity for death and demonic potential.”
Cf. ibid., p. 17. “One of the most striking things about the Einsatzgruppen leadership makeup is the prevalence of educated people, professionals, especially lawyers, Ph.D.’s and yes, even a clergyman.”

574 See Berkovits, With God in Hell, p. 92. “Nazi Germany was the deification of the diabolical; the religious befouling of all purity and innocence. Jews rightly saw in it the rebellion of Kohot haTumah (a phrase well understood in the context of Judaism, which can only be weakly rendered in English as ‘the forces of impurity’), the satanic relishers of destruction.”
Cf. Cohen, The Fernendurn, p. 20. “In the time of the human tremendum, conventional time and intelligible causality is interrupted. In that time, if not redemption, then the demonic tears the skein of events apart and man (and perhaps God no less) is compelled to look into the abyss.”
Cf. ibid., p. 48. “The Holocaust, in its immediacy, constellates everything that we mean by evil and, as such, is a perfected figuration of the demonic.”

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